Movement doesn't match sound for videos?

When watching videos or TV On Demand the movements never match the sound. It is quite offputting. My download is about 10mb per minute. Any suggestions?

geek_chakendrick, May 23, 8:43 pm

I get this when the cpu cant decode the video fast enough ie the device isn't grunty enough. see if there is a lower quality setting

geek_king1, May 23, 8:56 pm

What browser? Use chrome.

geek_mazdasix, May 23, 8:57 pm

Mozilla is the browzer. Is Chrome that good? I was advised against it a couple of years ago.

geek_chakendrick, May 23, 10:11 pm

Firefox is fine.

Nothing wrong with Chrome though, but no point changing unless you have to.

geek_suicidemonkey, Oct 25, 4:58 pm

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