Omniboxes !

missrat, Mar 14, 4:00am
This darn search engine ( ) has installed itself over Google Chrome. I was downloading 'Apache' Open office when it somehow appeared. I have tried all I can to try and uninstall it - From Spyhunter and Revo uninstaller., Spy Hunter ran for nearly an hour then would only uninstall if I purchased. Revo uninstaller ailed to locate it anywhere. I have uninstalled it from my Programs, so I thought, but it is running I use Firefox also and that is OK I am always extremely cautious when downloading anything and saw no sign of this critter, plus it was from a 'safe' site I thought and have used it before. I go through Cnet for most of my downloads and then to Apache site for this, which I have several times in the past.
Any help would be great TIA :)

king1, Mar 14, 4:04am
start with this

missrat, Mar 14, 4:10am
Thanks King1 will try it I have Malwarebytes and MSS Essentials running bu they didn't detect this pain :(

missrat, Mar 14, 4:13am
not found error 404

king1, Mar 14, 4:28am

missrat, Mar 14, 4:34am
whoops yes Ta

missrat, May 22, 9:11am
All good now hopefully ta :)

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