Deleting facebook

bagglz, Apr 28, 4:38am
hi how do I delete this,i have ended up with two facebook pages thanks to my daughter,any help would be wonderfull.

moltenfire, Apr 28, 4:55am
Very difficult. Easiest option is to change the details to something like Name: Pobanglie de Cortge, Date of Birth 15/03/1831 and Lives: Mumbantia. All bollox of course but then that's the end of your identity in the unwanted account.

puddleduck00, Apr 28, 5:29am
Man I wish someone would delete Facebook. The world would be a more productive place.

moltenfire, Apr 28, 6:47am

Deactivating the account does NOT remove your personal info from their servers where it is still mineable. Thus my suggestion that you change it to mumbo jumbo.

vtecintegra, Apr 28, 6:52am

leeran, Apr 28, 7:18am
Couldn't agree more puddleduck, Over the years I've joined twice because I thought I should. then got so pissed off with all the guff & smiling people with their wonderful lives. I remember I also had trouble unsubscribing & even now can't remember what I did but I'm out of it thank god.

puddleduck00, Apr 28, 9:05am
I don't even bother reading my news feed anymore. There's just too much "bla bla bla liked 24 pictures of cute cats" on there. And if you click one of those external links it will take you to a page so cluttered with ads you cannot tell what you're supposed to be looking at - they have one picture per page and a different set of ads and popups for each page.

I enjoy seeing what my friends have been up to and seeing photos they post, but I don't really care what they click "like" on and I don't care for seeing their comments on non-mutual friend's posts. Everybody is all up in everybody else's shite. It's great for staying in touch with mates, but it's beyond cluttered.

aktow, Apr 28, 1:44pm
i hate facebook so i downloaded facebook blocker,

moltenfire, Apr 29, 4:57am
Ah yes, my friend he was at the Cuckoo & Feathers last night and was 3/4 way thru a pint of 'Old Malt' and was sitting opposite a chick named Jenny.

Quite frankly, who gives a toss? The level of utter drivel that people post says something about their moronic little lives and their perception of how others may or may not be interested in their activities.

r.g.nixon, Apr 29, 5:23am
You can control what you see on FB. See

sheryl13, Apr 29, 5:28am
yes i know what you mean about certain rubbish, but i must admit, i like it

socram, Apr 29, 5:30am
Put very little on there but write an annual travel blog instead that anyone can read. Also fed up with cute cats, stupid sayings and links to other drivel.

mattnzw, Apr 29, 6:28am
I had this problem and it was essentially impossible to do it, as their system had automatically created one. Contacting support got nowhere as they don't have any support. Eventually it seems to have disappeared though, so give it a year.

rav413, Apr 30, 11:31am
Just had a look. What a wonderful link.

jenwren26, Apr 30, 11:01pm
Just wondering, if you do this, what shows on friends' pages? Do all past posts etc. automatically change to the new ficticious name on their pages?

moltenfire, May 1, 12:49pm
Maybe but you can't control what the FBI, MI5, CIA and all of those other salicious outfits can see. they all have a live feed from the FB servers.

hazelnut2, Dec 25, 4:02pm
Yep, they sure do! It's the same as if you'd change your name if you got married. etc.

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