Samsung Galaxy 10.1 photo display order

thewomble1, Feb 16, 10:34am
Upload a set of photo's to the tablet but when I use GALLERY to view the order is reversed. Photo's numbered P100500 to P100734. When viewed photo P100734 shows first. P100500 shows last.
P100500 is the beginning of the holiday and P100734 the last of the trip.
Can the 'order be changed so as P100500 shows first.
Thanks for any help.

wayne416, Feb 16, 10:46am
P100734 would be first because it was the last taken. Download another photo viewer with features you want or go to gallery settings, there maybe something there.

thewomble1, Aug 2, 10:26pm
Thanks Wayne. When you go to the file - - P100500 is first in the list but when viewed via GALLERY it shows last. Will keep trying to sort.

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