Gaming PC Cases need some advice

psgarrett, Aug 9, 6:22am
Just finished deciding all my parts for a gaming rig now just need to find a case can anyone recommend me any good cases/brands for a gaming rig for a good price do you have to buy a expensive case or can you actually get really good ones for cheap looking for a case that will have a viewing window and good air ventilation and with enough USB ports and inputs etc.


suicidemonkey, Aug 9, 6:27am
My favourite at the mo is the Fractal Design Define R4 in white. Not the cheapest but very well built and good ventilation.

I also like the Bitfenix Prodigy, but it's micro-ATX.

vtecintegra, Aug 9, 6:36am
You might find it hard to find and R4 these days. The R5 is a newer, slightly improved version which is more easily available.

e. Computerlounge has both the R4 and R5 available

wind.turbine, Aug 9, 7:17am
I like Antec, well made and great ventilation, lots of choices to

slowenemy, Aug 9, 7:21am
Im currently using the Fractal Design Define R5 Black.

It is easy to build in, has alot of water cooling options as well if thats what your after. I really liked that all the ODD & HDD bays were removable and could be rearranged.
air filters are easy to clean too, and quite alot of room behind the motherboard for hiding cables.

I guess in the end, it comes down to personal preference. I don't like cases with alot of flashy lights blinking at me, so this case was an easy choice.
I also like the Corsair Obsidain 550D case.

csador, Aug 9, 8:24am
+1 for Fractal cases, they are great

hayster94, Aug 9, 8:31am
There are heaps of good cases around. For my current pc I'm using a nzxt phantom 410 which I've found to be good but it doesn't have a very big side window

lythande1, Mar 6, 9:05am
Really all you need to worry about is the size - to fit the GPU, and if you like it.
I have a Coolermaster Diamond Plate Stacker case, at the time. Modified a bit since.

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