Error message keeps appearing.

markv1, May 11, 6:37am
on Start Up on HP touchsmart desktop computer - "No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed" Sometimes this message does not appear and computer starts correctly. Most times, however this message appears and can take 15 minutes to start. Has anybody had an issue like this or a fix?

r.g.nixon, May 11, 7:12am
Once you are up and running, install the free version of HD Sentinel. You can get a 'health rating' of the HDD. I have one that is at 89% - which means it could fail totally at any moment.

deodar1, Dec 3, 8:16pm
Yeah right r.g.Nortons have a brilliant tool box on CD which is available here in
called System Works.Don't install anything,just run from CD & it has Emergency Boot Disc,Windows Dr,& Drive Dr.It can analyse and
repair Disks on boot up before Windows Starts,Windows Dr can replace missing files from somewhere & it's the best Nortons removal tool I have used-or
anything from a Drive which is shown graphically.

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