Has it died?

I am getting this message - no bootable device - on my notebook. Have tried various things including removing battery without success?

Notebook is about 7 years old and I wonder if it has come to the end of its days. Any suggestionsp

geek_nigndids, Aug 15, 1:07 pm

Try reseating the hard drive, which might have fallen loose.
If that doesn't help, it means either your hard drive is dead, or the hard drive controller on the motherboard is dead.

geek_tail_red, Aug 15, 1:16 pm

Thanks - how does one reseat the hard drive

geek_nigndids, Aug 15, 1:21 pm

That depends on the actual model of your machine.
The HDD should be user-accessible from the bottom or side of most proper notebooks, but it might be hidden in some smaller models, especially "netbooks" and tablets.

geek_tail_red, Aug 15, 1:24 pm

watch a youtube clip on how to change a laptop hard drive. All the basic concepts should ring relatively true if yo are just reseating it.

geek_schizoid, Feb 17, 5:13 pm

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