Apple iPad Air - Does it have AirPlay built in?

nightboss, Mar 4, 1:18am
iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB.
Bought new from AppleNZ November 2013.
Does this version iPad Air have Apple AirPlay built in?
I want to connect to my AppleTV device on my HDTV the same as my iMac does.

lostdude, Mar 4, 1:21am
Yes, so long as you have the latest version of iOS installed.

nightboss, Mar 4, 1:25am
It say it has "iOS 8.1.3" and "Your software is up to date".

brycer, Mar 4, 1:39am
ios 8.1.3 is the present latest version so you are all good to go

jon9, Mar 4, 3:27am
If you swipe up from the bottom of the screen it should show you the airplay options

nightboss, Mar 4, 7:24am
I have swiped up to get Air Play, it worked to show a YouTube vid, my iPad showed blank small youtube screen while it did that.

How do I get the "mirror" effect to work, to show on HDTV the apps I am running on iPad Air?
I can not get that option when the AppleTV comes up from bottom swipe.

brycer, Mar 4, 7:31am
you know googling will give you instant answers, right. just sayin.

mirand, Mar 4, 9:43am
When you have the AirPlay option showing, scroll up inside the small box. Apple TV will show, and then below that is a mirroring option. I struggled to find this too because I expected to see it in the box from the start and didn't realise that other options were hidden & I needed to swipe up to see them.

nightboss, Mar 4, 9:32pm
The answers on here are clearer than the Google ones in this case.

nightboss, Jun 18, 11:20am
This is exactly what I was having difficulty finding, thanks to your description I am all sorted.


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