Remote Desktop question

soodanim, Mar 13, 5:58am
Connecting to my work PC from home using remote desktop.

Can a program (Utorrent apparently in this case or anything else for that matter) running on my home PC allow access to my work network. Oh and who's "data" am I using? .

suicidemonkey, Mar 13, 6:29am
A program like Teamviewer will allow you to remotely control your computer from somewhere else (it's free and very good).

You're using data on both computers. The remote computer has to upload data, and the computer you're using has to download the data.

lucky.gadgets, Mar 13, 6:32am
Both locations (home and work) will see an increase in data usage, when using remote desktop connections.

Utorrent will only use data on the computer it is installed on. Unless you have installed utorrent on your work computer, it couldn't possibly be using data at your workplace.

soodanim, Mar 13, 6:45am
Thanks both of you.

I hadn't thought of teamviewer that maybe an option I could try.

So is there anyway the utorrent connection on my home PC (or anything else) would allow another PC to access the work PC/network? There was apparently some unusual activity at the time I was connected to work.

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 13, 6:54am
If you VPN in to work then potentially.

soodanim, Mar 13, 7:25am
Can't remember . far as I know it was just the windows remote desktop connection. how would I know? What would be different?

vtecintegra, Mar 13, 7:37am
Ask your IT guys.

gibler, Mar 13, 7:45am
one hopes they have a VPN but they could be using an RDP Gateway.

soodanim, Mar 13, 7:46am
Well the aren't here to ask right now. and I wanna know now.
LOL I would assume if I was using VPN that something would need to be installed. it's not something built in? Pretty sure it was all windows based. Enabled on the work PC and login via remote desktop from here.

csador, Mar 13, 8:05am
sounds like some not so awesome security your work has if you are straight RDP'ing to your work pc

soodanim, Mar 13, 8:08am
They don't allow it now so I can't say what it was, but anyway I just wondered about what I was told about what I was supposedly letting in and "downloading" while connected.

vtecintegra, Mar 13, 8:16am
Depends on exactly how you were connected.

If it is a VPN that works like NetExtender then it is essentially like taking your PC into work and plugging it directly into their network.

soodanim, Mar 13, 8:44am
Been looking. It looked like I was just using the windows remote desktop.

ruderger, May 21, 2:59am
When you establish a remote desktop connection, you can choose what to pass through from your desktop like drives, printers, usb. but I don't see how utorrent would be able to do anything on the work network.

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