Any developers/IT pros here?

I want to make a script that somehow connects to the internet and gets a list of all the nz public holidays (preferably also including days such as wellington anniversary etc)

is this possible?

geek_moviemakerguy, Jun 5, 5:49 pm

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 5, 5:58 pm

why get a script for that, just visit a website that has it

geek_andrew.t, Jun 5, 8:28 pm

I need to make something that sends out an email the day before a public holiday. I know how to do the sending of the email part. just wondering how the computer will know when it is a public holiday. It also needs to be automatic. I.e. no manual sending of emails :)

geek_moviemakerguy, Jun 6, 1:44 pm

I would start by initially making a text file with a list of the relevant dates from the above source and concentrate on how to.
read the file,
check the list of dates,
compare to todays date (ignore all before todays date(
send out if todays dates == listed date +1

Beyond that depends on what scripting language etc
Later you can do the mechanics of download (wget) and parsing (another script) the dates from list above.

geek_king1, Jun 6, 2:58 pm

Basically its bad form to hit a website everyday for information that changes once a year or so, so I would focus on the parsing of the list.

In fact you could just download the ics file once a year and have your script parse the ics file. that can happen every time script runs.

geek_king1, Jun 6, 3:03 pm

if its a php script you could use this

geek_king1, Jun 6, 3:09 pm

Just remember, if the Queen dies before June next year, there will be no Queen's Birthday weekend!

geek_r.g.nixon, Sep 12, 4:19 pm

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