Frozen mouse pointer

is there any way to "unlock"mouse pointer apart from just turning the whole thing off ? It seems to be happening ( freezing ) more & more often.
I have a laptop running windows 7. thanks

geek_jfor, May 23, 12:36 pm

How long does it freeze for? Or is that too long to check?

Oh, and is the computer actually frozen, or just the mouse? Does Ctrl+Alt+Del eventually bring up a menu?

geek_r.g.nixon, May 23, 1:13 pm

hi, it freezes for all time, ctrl+alt+del does nothing, after 20mins or so I just have to turn the computer off, with the power button.

geek_jfor, May 23, 11:37 pm

Is it overheating, can you hear fan running, have you got it on a flat surface and not a soft surface like a bed blocking air intakes?.

geek_wayne416, Oct 24, 10:18 pm

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