How long will a flash drive last ?

If I move files onto it just once , and then put into storage, 10 years?

geek_bergkamp, Jun 29, 9:55 am

Unreliable storage, could last years, could go in a flash.

geek_wayne416, Jun 29, 9:57 am

Flash drives tend to be unreliable due to the way people treat them. Hang them on your key ring - subject to all sorts of moisture, dirt, and knocks, static electricity, etc. Forget they're in your pocked, then put them through the washing machine. Try that with a HDD, CD, or Floppy Disk and you won't get far.

geek_project_nine, Jun 29, 10:16 am

If you are looking at having something in storage for long periods of time such as 10 years or more, look at cloud storage or similar much more reliable.
I have a server that I store important files on, used one for long time too but over the 10+ years I have had it I still have had to replace HDDs etc but since i'm able too I don't mind.
I will be switching soon and use my server for other means.

geek_neoslowmo, Jun 29, 10:41 am

Could last 10 years could last 10 minutes.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 29, 10:44 am

I purchased a 256mb Simplitec flash drive over 11 years ago. Still working fine. Transcend also offer a lifetime warranty. Don't know how good that offer is, have a number of them in various sizes but never had to test the warranty.

geek_namtak, Jun 29, 10:57 am

Store your stuff on 10 of them. they cant all fail.

geek_m16d, Jul 9, 9:53 pm

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