Advice for new phone brand/type

donna23, Mar 10, 4:50pm
I need to replace mobile, I just want something to text, make calls and with a decent camera, any suggestions as to what I should be looking for, am with Spark network, thanks

kieran211, Mar 10, 10:28pm
How much do you want to spend? $40 - $1500?

Plenty of up to date reviews online would recommend starting there.

mariner26, Mar 11, 12:34am
I've got a Nokia 520 Windows Phone. A bit different to android but the system is easy to learn and for your type of usage you'll have a good experience. Think about that as an option. You will have to accept that there are not that many apps for download - but seems you do not need them anyway.
Nokia 530 is out but the 520 model is a better bet - if you can still find one for sale.

mikep, Mar 11, 1:33am
shouldn't we wait for the OP to tell us what her budget is first?

puddleduck00, Mar 11, 1:36am
Yeah budget would be good. Just don't buy a really low end smart phone - it will cause you grief.

donna23, Mar 11, 1:53am
Around $500 budget, don't want to spend a fortune on all sorts of functions that I wouldn't be using.

cafc2012, Mar 11, 2:05am
The problem you will have is that the quality of the lens and camera in a phone go up with price, as do all the other features that you don't want. As far as I know there are no basic pones with good cameras.

Heres a review of the best cameras in mobile phones, No surprises that iPhones and Galaxy's come out on top. But if you really want a basic phone buy a $20 phone from any phone shops and spend the rest on a decent digital camera.,review-2272.html

davidt4, Mar 11, 3:01am
The iPhone 5S has a terrific camera, with some editing facilities, and it's a very user-friendly phone. Have a look at the various Spark deals on phones: when I bought mine they offered a huge discount and the balance payable over 24 months interest free. I'm very happy that I changed over from my previous phone, which ran on Android and drove me mad.

lucky.gadgets, Mar 11, 4:38am
Could look at the Motorolo Moto G 2, can get on special for $249 at warehouse stationary sometimes. Its quite popular. 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.

Review of camera on it:

rz_zone, Mar 11, 4:42am
What android? Just curious. :)

Galaxy s4 LTE -A version have a awesome camera. Its on special some times at just under $500

_drdee_, May 28, 10:16am
Yes the S4 i9506 (LTE-A) is a killer phone for the price, basically an S5 in an S4 body.

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