If the sub on a home theatre rattles is it stuffed

express, Feb 26, 7:59am
The speaker makes a rattling sound when the volume increases on movies or on music tracks.

rlr29, Feb 26, 8:02am
Might be something loose. It really doesn't take much, just a screw.

exwesty, Feb 26, 8:41am
Could also been a blown cone

rozendaal, Feb 26, 11:22am
They can be repaired if blown. I used to use Axent Audio in Auckland.

gyrogearloose, Feb 26, 7:29pm
If a sub has a port then a piece of rubbish may have gone in; it could be loose or stuck to the magnet.

monsieurl, Feb 27, 12:32am
Kids poked a pen in the hole?!

Realistically, unless it's a super high end one I would just upgrade to a new one.

express, Jul 1, 2:52pm
Thanks everyone for your input. :) Taken it back to Noal Leeming. I'll never buy an end of line off the floor item again. The hassles I've had, ggggrrrr!

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