IPhone 6 turned off then back on itself?

It is only about a month old. since Thursday night it has done it twice more randomly. Ideas?

geek_no1niki, Apr 13, 5:11 pm

Ring Apple

geek_remmers, Apr 13, 7:18 pm

Were you in a particular app at the time? I had a restart the other day on my 6 when I was in Facebook.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Apr 13, 9:50 pm

Edit: chrome app on iOS is junk not the keyboard

geek_2nd2none, Apr 13, 10:19 pm

Mine did this when it updated itself the other night. But if it's doing it all the time that is weird. Better to get it sorted out with Apple now, rather than later.

geek_dawn1, Apr 14, 12:26 am

Yea contacted Apple, they made me reset the phone, will see if it continues. they said i'd have to restore next via itunes if didn't help, i said well i'd like a new phone as obviously this one has issues & i didn't pay $1450 for a phone that has issues, they said if it carries on they will service it, i repeated what i just said as repeated i don't want a fixed phone. should of gone with Samsung am starting to think

geek_no1niki, Apr 15, 6:37 pm

Yeah because samsung phones never have issues and their phone support is way better than Apples.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Apr 15, 6:51 pm

Resetting and or restoring phone is standard advice, Samsung also told me to remove battery on my S3, used to be OK for about 3 to 4 weeks and then back to usual problems.

geek_remmers, Feb 16, 9:13 pm

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