Ipad 3 help please - wont charge

Ipad has been doing this for 24 hours now

I have checked the cable and power adapter with other devices and its working fine.

Screen has been broken for about a year, but no other issues until yesterday morning :(

I don't even know if this is worth getting fixed?

geek_nextclothing, Jun 12, 10:38 am

Are you sure your using the iPad plug and not an iPhone one?

The plug should have 10W or 12W on it not 5W which is iPhone.

You have obviously tested it charging other devices with that same plug such as a phone?

geek_jon9, Jun 12, 11:45 am

Yeah its a 12w one and charges the other ipad perfectly and the iPhone 5

geek_nextclothing, Jun 12, 11:59 am

Try plugging it into a computer with iTunes?

geek_jon9, Jun 12, 12:22 pm

Otherwise try a hard reset and hold down the home button and power button until it resets

geek_jon9, Jun 12, 12:23 pm

Tried all that.

Gave up and a couple hours later its just sitting there working, like there was never any issue.

geek_nextclothing, Aug 26, 3:19 am

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