Browser shop ads, help !

geek_missy.aaron, Feb 9, 3:26 am
How do i stop them popping up, trade me is the worst when i look at anything suddenly my page is full of ads, i have uninstalled the kids games that have been down loaded plus other things but it has made no difference, and it is driving me crazy, can anybody help. Thanks

geek_flower_tears, Feb 9, 3:28 am
What browser are you using?

geek_missy.aaron, Feb 9, 3:35 am
google chrome,

geek_footplate1, Feb 9, 3:42 am
See my thread on Trademe and pop-ups. Solution in replies to that.

geek_missy.aaron, Feb 9, 3:47 am
Thank you, have done it and it has worked.

geek_cafc2012, Feb 9, 4:55 am
Uninstalling the kids games won't help. Most likely when you were installing something "free" a nasty little piece of adware was installed too. Uninstalling the original programme won't uninstall the sneaky adware that is probably causing the popups/ads. If you haven't already, goole 'adware removal tools' there are several free ones that will either remove, or at least identify the particular adware/malware that is causing the issue. Once you have identified the particular program that is causing the issue let us know and someone her will help you remove it.

geek_missy.aaron, Aug 30, 10:19 pm
Sorted, just have to figure out how to stop it happening again. Thanks everyone.

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