"Safari cannot open the page because

The network connection was lost". What does this mean exactly? I'm on my iPad and can get into some websites, this one for instance, but not the ones I really need like IRD and bank sites! I'm a bit of a computer nana, so please explain in laymans terms! ????

geek_rarogal, Feb 20, 5:58 pm

I wonder if we're suffering the same problem. I use Firefox on an telecom/xtra connection and I'm getting a lot of "Server not found" messages. Refreshing seems to load the page but it's a nuisance.

geek_paora-tm, Feb 20, 7:11 pm

Your broadband providers signal is wavering in and out (losing and gaining strength), especially at peak user times. Contact your ISP or turn off and restart your modem.

geek_skeeta10, Feb 20, 8:03 pm

My problem seems to have fixed itself although earlier today I lost connection completely and had to restart my modem.

geek_paora-tm, Feb 20, 8:27 pm

Yeah I think it may be a telecom fault as two other people with similar probs are with them also. I was able to go down town and use someone else's computer meantime. I'm just glad it's not anything my end. Thanks to you both.

geek_rarogal, Jul 24, 8:53 pm

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