"Safari cannot open the page because

rarogal, Feb 20, 4:58am
The network connection was lost". What does this mean exactly? I'm on my iPad and can get into some websites, this one for instance, but not the ones I really need like IRD and bank sites! I'm a bit of a computer nana, so please explain in laymans terms! ????

paora-tm, Feb 20, 6:11am
I wonder if we're suffering the same problem. I use Firefox on an telecom/xtra connection and I'm getting a lot of "Server not found" messages. Refreshing seems to load the page but it's a nuisance.

skeeta10, Feb 20, 7:03am
Your broadband providers signal is wavering in and out (losing and gaining strength), especially at peak user times. Contact your ISP or turn off and restart your modem.

paora-tm, Feb 20, 7:27am
My problem seems to have fixed itself although earlier today I lost connection completely and had to restart my modem.

rarogal, Jul 24, 8:53am
Yeah I think it may be a telecom fault as two other people with similar probs are with them also. I was able to go down town and use someone else's computer meantime. I'm just glad it's not anything my end. Thanks to you both.

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