Battery time for computer

I am expecting power outages in next few days due to pending snow. The computer is about 6 months, thanks for your thoughts

geek_treens2, Jul 8, 5:21 pm

I'm sending warm thoughts towards you.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 8, 5:22 pm

i understand

geek_schizoid, Jul 8, 5:59 pm

What are you actually asking?

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 8, 6:03 pm

so a small UPS unit maybe in order ( if you lose power while the computer is running you stand the risk of corrupting some of your essential system files, an UPS starts beeping loudly as soon as power is cut but the battery inside gives you 3 or 4 minutes to power down properly thus protecting you from damaging the files, also gives you a chance to save whatever you're working on at the time - damn shame to have nearly finished an assignment and have the computer shutdown, the when you get back to it the assignment is unreadable

search here for UPS, they all work, pay more and get more time to shutdown

theres $40 ones there that will work fine

geek_skin1235, Jul 8, 6:20 pm

ps, if you are outback and have to use a genset for power, most computer power supplies like their power a little cleaner than gensets deliver, plugging an UPS into a genset and the computer into the UPS fliters out the nasty spikes and means that as long as the genset runs the computer can be used

geek_skin1235, Jun 11, 2:57 am

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