Want to top up friends cell phone in ozy?

greghale, Feb 25, 8:29am
It starts with +61466883--- who is the carrier? I can not find it on google

mazdasix, Feb 25, 8:30am
Numbers can be transferred between carriers, just like in NZ. There's no way to tell from the number itself.

greghale, Feb 25, 8:31am

ross1970, Feb 25, 8:55am
Ring them and ask would be too easy?

greghale, Feb 25, 9:20am
Dont want them to know its me helping them

macman26, Feb 25, 11:48am
Just go to the different phone providors websites and try to recharge. If he is not with them it should reject your attempt.
0466 numbers origionally were with Optus so try there first.

rz_zone, Feb 25, 10:27pm
Try reverse lookup,

monsieurl, Jul 5, 10:20am
Dude, she's not a real girl who's messaging you! It's a fat dude scamming idiots for topups!

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