Printer problems - can anyone help, please?

cj_s, Oct 1, 2:00am
Hi, I have a Canon Pixma MX715 multi-function printer. Since yesterday, when I click print, it seems to print normally (following the same steps, making the same noises), except that the page that comes out is completely blank! Not a smudge of ink to be seen!

I have tried all trouble shooting tips I could find, including nozzle check, cleaning, deep cleaning, changing ink tanks, check for driver updates (there weren't any), switching power on and off, but nothing solved the problem.

When I printed the last time (last week), all was fine and I have no clue what could be wrong. Any suggestions?

My PC is an Acer Aspire M1800 that runs on Windows 7.

Thanks in advance!

wayne416, Oct 1, 2:03am
Does it print/copy without computer?

lucky.gadgets, Oct 1, 2:36am
Try the copy function, put something on the scanner to copy/print, then you can rule out if its the computer or printer that the problem is with.

cj_s, Oct 1, 3:12am
Unfortunately, the same result with print/copy without computer (blank page).

wayne416, Oct 1, 3:17am
Time for a new one, print head probably shot.

cj_s, Oct 1, 3:54am
I'm also starting to think I need a new one. Is probably cheaper than a new print head? Really frustrating, as my PC & netbook are in the dying phase of their existence too. On a student budget that's a bit too much .

sqidlie, Oct 1, 10:17am
You dont say if the printer can print colours
Canon like HP use pigment ink for the black and dye for the colour
That is important to know as the pigments settle and block the ink ports over time

cj_s, Oct 1, 11:30am
I don't understand your post. It's a colour printer, with 2 black ink tanks (1 big, 1 small), 1 yellow, 1 magenta and 1 cyan. All have sufficient ink. If I try to print in colour, the page remains blank. Nothing to see, no ink in whatever colour to see. Printing in black and white gives the same result.

If it was due to the pigment settling down and blocking the ink ports, wouldn't that be a gradual process? And it would be very strange if that happened to all colours at the same time, wouldn't it?

sqidlie, Oct 2, 4:44am
Hi cj
Yes you would have noticed that problem over time
I now see that colours were affected as well
That throws a different light on the subject
Heads when they burn out also happen in stages most of the time
You would have seen just like ink running out , lines missing across the page etc

Now what can happen is ink has dripped out and sat in the cover the cartridges rest on when turned off. This cover stops the ink drying out on the print head when not in use
If ink sits in this cover it could touch the printhead and cause the remaining inks to "bleed" out
So what you end up with is empty carts even though the printer tells you they still have ink in them
Running cleaning cycles will as deplete the inks out at a very fast rate as well
Now one way to find out if it's jut a "out of ink" problem is to buy a new set and if thats not the problem then you have wasted all that money
There is a short cut you can take and it goes like this
Take all the carts out of the printer and turn them upside down, there you will see a round opening where the ink comes out , about 1/4" in dia
With a teaspoon dribble water (about 3 tsp )down those hole this willl soak into the sponges and will take up some of the colours left behind
This will be enough to see if the problem goes away and then you can buy replacement inks/carts

gpg58, Oct 3, 10:14pm
I bought a new one of these last week, as my old ones inks are running out, and the new one was on special at warehouse stationary for $68

opps was a mx 726

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