Windows-7 & retaining drive mappings

Has anyone cracked this issue: you map to a network drive, username and password all OK and the boxes saying 'Reconnect at logon" and "Retain credentials" are both ticked. Then after a reboot of the PC, the username and password have to be re-entered. this is a pain in the rear end.

geek_moltenfire, Apr 11, 5:28 pm

if you set the folder permissions to everyone then it doesn't need credentials

geek_king1, Apr 11, 5:40 pm

So that my entire household can roam all over my network and save their crap in my work folders? Yeah right! Passwords and security have a purpose.

geek_moltenfire, Apr 11, 9:11 pm

and added complexity.
Make it a hidden share if you like ie share name xxxx$

Otherwise you can set up a batchfile to recreate the share and schedule it to start on login
net use Z: \\server\SharedFolderName password /user:domain\Username /persistent:yes

geek_king1, Apr 11, 9:41 pm

Open Credential Manager (in control panel). Under Windows Credentials it should have your drive mapping u/n and password listed. Make sure Persistence is set to 'Enterprise'.
If it's not, remove the entry and re-add it in Credential Manager and it should default to Enterprise.

geek_mortonmob, Apr 13, 3:15 pm

Thanks, was Enterprise. Removed and re-added problem persists.

geek_moltenfire, Feb 21, 9:17 pm

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