My iPad 2s 4th Birthday yesterday.

Still original battery.
Glad I got the 64 gb one.
3 gigs left.
what a great device!

geek_nzdoug, Apr 9, 12:04 pm

Nice. Original battery is surprising, they're usually dead in a couple of years.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 9, 12:45 pm

Yea, can't be many more charge cycles left! It's going to be one of those batteries that just drop dead out of the blue, I hope you sync to iCloud regularly.
Great going, must be a bit painfully slow with some of the newer apps tho?

geek__drdee_, Apr 10, 9:27 am

Are they? We have several dozen ipad 2's at our local primary school, all still working perfectly. My ipad1 (day 1) and 2 and 3 are all still fine, plenty of battery life. Haven't analysed exactly how much life they have recently, but they don't often seem to be low on charge.

geek_tillsbury, Apr 10, 9:50 am

About four years worth here too. Going strong.

geek_doggitt, Apr 10, 10:01 am

Was going to say 2 years haha. I have an ipad 3 and flatmate an ipad 2 both bought on release and still get 10 to 12 hours usage off a charge easy!

geek_jon9, Apr 10, 11:11 am

nice good stuff :)

geek_bushyy4, Apr 10, 1:24 pm

I'm talking lithium ion batteries in general. Every one I've ever had has started to lose capacity after 2 years or so. Maybe Apple use higher quality batteries than most.

In saying that, I suppose rating batteries in terms of years lasted isn't the best way to do it. Going by charge cycles makes more sense.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 10, 1:44 pm

They say around 1000 charge cycles on Li-ion batteries. You can understand a phone if it was charged every 2nd day would do 2-3 years. I only charge my pad about once a week if that.

geek_jon9, Apr 10, 2:23 pm

1000 charge cycles is a lot. Apple ones nowadays are good for that (supposed to hold 80% of capacity after 1000 cycles, for ipads and Macbooks), but not a lot of others. Charging every two days would mean close to six years, not 2-3, until a significant loss of capacity.

Apple do a battery replacement for $139, but there are others who'll do it cheaper.

geek_tillsbury, Apr 10, 2:57 pm

1000 charge cycles is best case scenario. You can kill a lithium battery in far far fewer charge cycles if you treat it badly enough (e.g. constantly running it flat)

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 10, 3:05 pm

Apple "Maps" can be slow in satalite compared to Google Earth satalite.
Ive got 12 screens of apps. Books, manuals.
I charge it over night evey night.
Its on all the time.
May get a new iPad2 w "Hot Points Mastecard freebies.??

geek_nzdoug, Apr 10, 3:09 pm

I bought a cheapie battery for $35 off eBay but havent got around to installing.
It doesn't hold a charge as long as it did in its youth but good nuff.

geek_nzdoug, Apr 10, 3:21 pm

I'm always aware that an earthquake might strike again so keep the phone fully charged. When the 1st earthquake struck we were in Hanmer with not many hours of battery between 8 of us.

geek_rav413, Feb 27, 9:07 am

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