My iPad 2s 4th Birthday yesterday.

nzdoug, Apr 9, 12:04am
Still original battery.
Glad I got the 64 gb one.
3 gigs left.
what a great device!

suicidemonkey, Apr 9, 12:45am
Nice. Original battery is surprising, they're usually dead in a couple of years.

_drdee_, Apr 9, 9:27pm
Yea, can't be many more charge cycles left! It's going to be one of those batteries that just drop dead out of the blue, I hope you sync to iCloud regularly.
Great going, must be a bit painfully slow with some of the newer apps tho?

tillsbury, Apr 9, 9:50pm
Are they? We have several dozen ipad 2's at our local primary school, all still working perfectly. My ipad1 (day 1) and 2 and 3 are all still fine, plenty of battery life. Haven't analysed exactly how much life they have recently, but they don't often seem to be low on charge.

doggitt, Apr 9, 10:01pm
About four years worth here too. Going strong.

jon9, Apr 9, 11:11pm
Was going to say 2 years haha. I have an ipad 3 and flatmate an ipad 2 both bought on release and still get 10 to 12 hours usage off a charge easy!

bushyy4, Apr 10, 1:24am
nice good stuff :)

suicidemonkey, Apr 10, 1:44am
I'm talking lithium ion batteries in general. Every one I've ever had has started to lose capacity after 2 years or so. Maybe Apple use higher quality batteries than most.

In saying that, I suppose rating batteries in terms of years lasted isn't the best way to do it. Going by charge cycles makes more sense.

jon9, Apr 10, 2:23am
They say around 1000 charge cycles on Li-ion batteries. You can understand a phone if it was charged every 2nd day would do 2-3 years. I only charge my pad about once a week if that.

tillsbury, Apr 10, 2:57am
1000 charge cycles is a lot. Apple ones nowadays are good for that (supposed to hold 80% of capacity after 1000 cycles, for ipads and Macbooks), but not a lot of others. Charging every two days would mean close to six years, not 2-3, until a significant loss of capacity.

Apple do a battery replacement for $139, but there are others who'll do it cheaper.

suicidemonkey, Apr 10, 3:05am
1000 charge cycles is best case scenario. You can kill a lithium battery in far far fewer charge cycles if you treat it badly enough (e.g. constantly running it flat)

nzdoug, Apr 10, 3:09am
Apple "Maps" can be slow in satalite compared to Google Earth satalite.
Ive got 12 screens of apps. Books, manuals.
I charge it over night evey night.
Its on all the time.
May get a new iPad2 w "Hot Points Mastecard freebies.??

nzdoug, Apr 10, 3:21am
I bought a cheapie battery for $35 off eBay but havent got around to installing.
It doesn't hold a charge as long as it did in its youth but good nuff.

rav413, Feb 26, 8:07pm
I'm always aware that an earthquake might strike again so keep the phone fully charged. When the 1st earthquake struck we were in Hanmer with not many hours of battery between 8 of us.

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