Hard drive

mada3, Mar 17, 4:44am
was wondering what would the best type of sata hdd be for my asus desktop?

r.g.nixon, Mar 17, 4:56am
According to this www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-reliability-update-september-2014 HGST (formerly Hitachi) are the best. Western Digital are next. Seagate are a bit risky.

beserkerang, Mar 17, 5:31am
Go Western Digital for home use.

king1, Mar 17, 5:51am
WD Black - 5 year warranty

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 5:58am
HGST is a Western Digital brand now anyway.

I wouldn't bother with the WD Black as they're just too expensive for what you get - the Blue is fine as are the cheap Seagate 7200rpm models.

king1, Mar 17, 6:04am
another $30 (for the 500gb) for an extra 3 years warranty is a no-brainer imo

intrade, Mar 17, 7:24am
best are SSD sata drives but not cheap.

black-heart, Mar 17, 7:31am
what size do you require ?

r.g.nixon, May 12, 4:10pm
5.25" is usually enough for most men, if they know how to use them properly.

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