Brother QL-550 labeller install help please.

Please excuse non-computer language. no expert here!

How to find the installed labeller in my laptop to be able to use it please.

I've had this labeller for several years, installed and used it on another computer, then that computer and the labeller have been in storage. Found the discs for other languages, the English disc is still somewhere in a pile of boxes.

I'm now using a laptop with Vista. I've found the page in the Brother website to download and install the labeller - have done that through to needing to restart - did that, and now I can't find where it's saved to so I can use the labeller.

Tried Start. tried in 'Computer', not in either, not in 'All programmes' - I thought it would show as a new file in there with the lightish brown highlighting the name as happens when something new is loaded or something is updated.

In the Brother website, I'd followed the downloading info as here:

Adding, after downloading it brought up that it needed to update to what's current. it did that then showed to restart. did that, then can't find the programme.
I'm hoping someone can help me find where it is please. many thanks for your help.

geek_summersunnz, Jun 1, 6:01 pm

That looks like the driver only - you will probably need the ptouch editor in the download list here

what you have at the moment is in the devices and printers list but not much use without the other software

geek_king1, Jun 1, 6:24 pm

Thank you. I used that part, this part was pre-selected when I downloaded from there.
'Windows Vista® (32-bit)
Took me to:
then chose:
QL-550 Printer Driver
Is there something different I would need to choose on that page?
Really appreciate your help. thanks.

geek_summersunnz, Jun 1, 6:32 pm

P-touch Editor 5.x

geek_king1, Jun 1, 6:44 pm

Thank you. perfection :-) and now showing in the Start - All Programmes. I'm thrilled. thanks so much. have a lovely Sunday evening :-)

geek_summersunnz, Sep 29, 11:16 pm

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