Adjusting Colour Management On A Toshiba Tv

Does anyone know what all the colours should be set on. I did have them set but my husband who's had a stroke and isn't sure what he's doing reset it and now its gone back to 000 on all of them :-/ Thanks

geek_ricford1, Apr 21, 10:21 pm

Just tweak it to get it how you like it.
I am seriously in to colour management where it matters (matching colour between output devices, print, screen etc) but I'm seriously skeptical that there's any benefit whatsoever in colour managing a TV set.
In fact, general opinion amongst many home cinema buffs is that plasma is better than lcd, yet colour accuracy from plasma TVs is incredibly lousy.

geek_mm12345, Apr 21, 10:38 pm

Ever heard of reading a manual, maybe the first one you ever read in your life. Use Google to find the manual.

geek_spyware, Apr 22, 6:56 am

Thanks for your arrogant reply . actually I do have the manual however it does not suggest any settings so that's why I asked other Toshiba owners. We can't all be as knowledgeable as you however you can walk in my shoes any time you want, I may not be able to adjust the hue on a telly but I work full time and am the sole caregiver for my husband who has only weeks to live and yes I am a female.

geek_ricford1, Jan 24, 5:17 am

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