Are some chargers unsuitable for some devices?

I have a Asus transformer laptop and have recently replaced the charger (not flash factory issue that came with it - wires were getting frayed and it always seemed to be so hot to touch). But it seems to be dropping charge even when 'plugged in and charging'. I admit, I'm often guilty of having many tabs open but, even aware of this and trying to limit myself to only one or two open tabs, it's still dropping charge faster than it used to.

Thoughts? Ideas? Any help appreciated.

geek_sampa, Jul 2, 11:23 pm

If it's not charging properly when plugged in, the charger you're using probably isn't outputting enough amps.

Also having lots of tabs open really shouldn't cause significant battery drain. I often have 10+ open with no worries.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 2, 11:33 pm

Thanks suicidemonkey. My next question is probably going to sound really dumb/blonde (not a blonde but here we go. lol) how to ensure I purchase a new charger that does the job? What to look for in the specs? Or could it be that my battery is stuffed?

geek_sampa, Jul 2, 11:49 pm

You'll need to check the new charger and see what the output amps are. Then you need to compare it to the original charger. It will be written as "1.5a" or "2.1a" or smiliar.

If it's significantly less, there's your problem. If it's not, it could be the battery.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 3, 12:06 am

Brilliant, thanks so much. I shall go forth and rectify matters!

geek_sampa, Jun 29, 5:08 am

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