Firefox up date has upset

some thing. When I click on a link eg on the stuff website when I click an article it say that is a error 404 and page not found. What do I need to reset to is this type of error?

geek_pam.delilah, Jul 6, 11:40 am

First thing to try is clearing the cache. Ctrl+Shift+Del and look at the options.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 6, 12:12 pm

thanks have done that works on other website but not trademe get the banana 505 message. Got in to this thread by opening it up in another tab

geek_pam.delilah, Jul 6, 12:54 pm

all sorted. refreshed firefox

geek_pam.delilah, Jun 17, 3:19 pm

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