Help please modem using data when unplugged

nz_yid, Apr 30, 7:03am
I am with or on and have a N series wireless router / modem . my usual data usage is 30 -45 gigabytes . last month it was 107 . I phoned orcon and was told I could have a virus or someone hacking into my router.
So I changed password on router which was a mixture of upper case and lower and numbers.
I also returned lap top to factory settings.
I then downloaded all updates which was 1 gig but my usage was 3 gig .
Then I unplugged cord from router to phone jack
4 hours later I had used another 2 gig
The laptop was shut down as was iPad and no other person was in the house
Any ideas how this can happen ?
Today turned off router and all seems to be back to normal.
Or on have not yet returned my calls

Any help very much appreciated

nz_yid, Apr 30, 7:06am
Sorry for long message just getting facts correct

gibler, Apr 30, 7:39am
do the router admin web pages show any strange devices connected. ?

nz_yid, Apr 30, 7:45am
No not that I could see . I had Mac address filter on as well

ianab, Apr 30, 10:00am
Just at a guess your router was being used as part of a Reflective Denial of Service Attack.

This is where malformed network packets are sent to a device, with a false "from" address. Then you get thousands of devices replying to the fake target address, overloading it and taking down a target with a denial of service attack.

By restarting your router you get a new IP address, and so your router no longer receives the traffic, until it get found again by a new network scan.

See if there are any firmware updates to lock down your router further.

nz_yid, Apr 30, 10:08am
So it is possible to use data with phone cable removed . thanks

ianab, Apr 30, 10:28am
It shouldn't, but the data usage is usually behind the actual time. Might have been the previous 4 hours you looked at.

Problem is it's not Orcon's "fault" or yours.

mrfxit, May 1, 2:41am
"Networx's" installed on YOUR computer will give you real time data usage for YOUR computer,
Easy to install & use.

nz_yid, May 1, 4:53am
Thanks will do

mrfxit, May 1, 5:09am
Download site link

Grab the download thats named "networx"

I used to use this a lot when we were on ADSL for monitoring usage with the teenagers

nz_yid, May 1, 7:33am
Something is still not right modem / router is off nobody home everything shutdown and since 3 I have used another 2 gig

king1, May 1, 8:01am
if the modem is powered off then there is no way it can be using data

BUT there is always a lag between data being used and when that data is reported by the ISP on there usage site.
It is easier if ISP reports hourly increments (i believe spark do). If not you really need to have it turned off for an entire day to be absolutely certain of the reported results (ie midnight -> midnight)

cookee_nz, May 1, 8:04am
Silly question maybe but puzzling. if everything is turned off, how exactly are you checking your usage (I assume via another device with independant connection?)
Have you called your ISP and asked them to confirm live whether your modem is logged on and authenticated (while it's actually disconnected of course)?, they should be able to tell you the user ID it is logged in against, and (more importantly perhaps), what current public IP address they have assigned against that login. Worth asking them.
May be as simple as the ISP having a glitch in their system and simply allocating someone else's usage against your account? - could be worth asking them to assign you a static IP temporarily for the purposes of troubleshooting.

nz_yid, Dec 26, 3:15pm
Thank you I have phoned again and again they will talk to technicians . but have been waiting for 6 days now.
I also asked for a replacement router as 6 months ago when I got this one my usage went from 20-26 gig a month to now 40-47 gig
But last month 107 gig
Same people (3) miss 10 and 2 "adults"
Same stuff mainly Facebook & general web browsing with the odd film / program on demand.
Non smart TV just laptop iPad 2 phones

Thanks for your help
& got usage from orcon web page (my usage) which is supposed to be real time but probably 4 hours out which throws out usage when unplugged
But not high usage ?

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