Nokia Here Offline GPS Map

billyfieldman, Apr 21, 3:25am
I installed it from Google Play yesterday to give it a try. So far so good. I was able to search for an address and get voice turn by turn instructions without internet connection.

I manage to convert a list of places to visit into a GPX file using some online website. But I don't know how to get the Nokia Here App to use that GPX file.

Anyone knows how I can do that?

wayne416, Apr 21, 3:45am
Great app, if your using it you are probably logged in so go to settings, help and somewhere you will find a link to their contact form and ask them. They should reply in a few days. Edit to add i think there is a GPX viewer for Here but havent had much use for what your looking for so i don't know a lot about that aspect.

wayne416, Apr 21, 4:01am

billyfieldman, Apr 21, 4:14am
Thanks. Will give that a try.

wayne416, Apr 21, 4:24am
Their very good at replying but its early days for it as it only came out of beta about 2 months ago. I along with 100s of others did a bit of beta testing over Christmas so have used the form to send my feedback and always got a reply or request to try something newly added. Its done in Germany and i think the best GPS voice navagation app out there and free.

billyfieldman, Apr 22, 12:46am
Just got an email from Nokia HERE support that the feature to import GPX is not available.

wayne416, Jan 24, 9:07am
Their very good it may happen if enough people want it like the ability to store maps on external SD card. That happened last update.

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