Neon= Non Event?

Tried to hook into Neon over the past few days.

On only one of my many devices can I download it at all. Ironically it is my oldest laptop [Compaq] that must be due to expire without notice any day soon.

None of my other more current devices, HP laptops and smart phones will entertain it.

I s this a common experience?

Why would Sky introduce such a service and offer a free trial period etc without ensuring at least a modicum of common compatibility across a range of common devices?

geek_pestri, Jun 28, 9:02 am

My opinion is that Sky wanted to be seen to have a offering in this space as a competitor to Lightbox and Netflix, to show the people they buy their content from that they were serious about wanting the rights for streaming, but they have such a dominance in the payTV area and don't really care if it works very well or not at all.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 28, 9:54 am

I suspect that they had to "do something" to keep the studios happy.
For example, HBO might have been a little titchy about the amount of piracy of GOT in this part of the world, Sky wanted to keep exclusive rights for broadcast and streaming. My guess, piracy / torrenting would have probably stayed at pre-Neon levels because of the demographic that show appealed to. Despite paying Neon $20/month - I felt like torrenting epsodes myself, because I felt ripped off paying for a premium service yet was delivered a truly crap quality streaming feed by Neon. They hobbled it - they don't want streaming TV to succeed - not even their own service - as when that happens (as it inevitably will), then the horse has bolted for the over-priced subscription broadcast model they've been making massive profits from in NZ.

geek_mm12345, Jun 28, 12:43 pm

Agree, It seems they have hobbled it.

geek_pestri, Jun 28, 3:09 pm

Very much a box ticking exercise by Sky. Between that and forcing people who pay a substantial amount per month for sky to watch adverts which in my book is the customer paying twice.

geek_piperguy, Jun 29, 9:01 am

They really are good at offering crap service that barely works.

Neon, SD only, crazy device limitations and no apps anywhere useful. Vs netflix. HD, apps on anything with a HDMI output virtually, and no device limitations. Only exists so that they can buy streaming rights and prevent others from getting them, preventing competition.

Then they have igloo. Again, SD only. Lousy selection. Costs the same as a second sky box on multiroom. Only exists so that they didnt have to return their UHF channels that used to have sky UHF on them. To prevent competition.

Fanpass. Overpriced crap streaming sport. Only exists to prevent competition from getting the rights since they can buy both broadcast and streaming at the same time.

Sky are monopolistic pricks. Dont give them money. Either use a region unblocker and get the content elsewhere, in HD or else just pirate it.

geek_richms, Jun 29, 11:28 am

Sky is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Need I say any more?

geek_piperguy, Jun 30, 9:45 am

lmao Murdoch has never owned SKY NZ.
You're thinking of BskyB

geek_jeremy_74, Jun 30, 10:18 am

Murdoch (News Corp) sold their interest in 2013.

geek_wasgonna, Jun 30, 10:26 am

lol He sold shares in the company he had bought only a few years earlier.

It wasnt even enough shares for control of the company, and he never owned Sky NZ.

geek_jeremy_74, Jun 30, 10:30 am

The company was founded by Terry Jarvis, Craig Heatley, Trevor Farmer and Alan Gibbs in 1987 as Sky Media Limited.

geek_jeremy_74, Jun 30, 10:38 am

Phuck. Sorry guys.

geek_piperguy, Jun 30, 7:15 pm

This is a common mistake people make and really undermines the SKYNZ name imo.

Dont know why they named it Sky anything in the first place, all I can think of is they didnt have to change the name on the decoders when first starting out lol.

geek_jeremy_74, Jun 30, 7:54 pm

I took the trial and watched a couple of seasons of walking dead. It worked OK most of the time on my Windows 8 HTPC. But the lack of HD and minimal content was an issue to me. The whole site thing seemed to be trying to carry itself on Game of Thrones S5 and Walking Dead, but they did not even have the lastest season of Walking Dead. There seemed to be very few other popular series available. And the movie selection was pathetic. We gave up pretty quick.

geek_farside03, Jul 1, 5:43 pm

I wonder if anybody has tried contacting HBO (GOT) and AMC (WD) and others (?) to lodge a complaint about the quality of streaming service that Sky is offering through Neon.
Yeah - I know.
I'll do it - but I'd like to find some sources (forum threads or news articles / reviews ) to verify what I'll be saying. A complaint must be concise, verifiable, and to the point.
The content rights holders will have no idea what's going on - because NZ is such a small market. They need their "dags rattled".

geek_mm12345, Jul 4, 9:09 am

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