Printer's sudden pdf aversion

daffodil2, May 19, 12:49am
My Canon Pixma 726 suddenly won't print A4 pdf files, even those it previously has accepted. It's sending the command to the upper tray -- the one with small paper. Can't find anything amiss in the menus. Cant find where it specifically directs to either tray. Just a paper size directive (have tried A4 and auto detect.) It's printing other files ok.
I've tried rebooting, reinstalling the software.
Any suggestions out there?

flower_tears, May 19, 1:46am
You sure they're no print-protected PDFs?

daffodil2, Nov 7, 3:03pm
Thanks for suggestion but no and Ive tried pdf files I've created myself that previously printed ok. Note they will print, but A4 size on small paper!

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