Downloading DVD on to computer

boop2, Apr 12, 4:49am
I would appreciate help on this please. I have a good movie on DVD but no player is it alright to download it on to my computer then put on stick to watch on my Tv. I have tried and tried without success. Is it legal to do this I am ignorant of these things. Thankyou.

r.g.nixon, Apr 12, 5:01am
It is alright,as you won't be prosecuted. It isn't legal (yet) though. Format shifting is only legal for audio, not video, in NZ.

boop2, Apr 12, 7:12am
Thankyou are you able to tell me how to do it please?

r.g.nixon, Apr 12, 7:16am
It will depend on what formats/codecs your computer can recognise. Check the TV specs/manual. Or just get some videos from the internet to test.

serpico_nz, Apr 12, 7:19am
Download 'Handbreak'.

then google 'Convert DVD to MP4 Handbreak' and scroll through until you find a nice clear guide that you understand.

YouTube has plenty of tutorials too.

r.g.nixon, Apr 12, 11:02am
'Handbrake' is the correct spelling.

boop2, Apr 12, 8:41pm
tried yesterday with no luck will try again today .Thankyou

remmers, Apr 12, 9:12pm
If your DVD is a commercial title it may be copy protected.

wayne416, Apr 12, 9:48pm
This was very good at copying to hard drive, not used it for a few years though.

velenski, Apr 12, 10:09pm
dvd decrypter and dvd shrink ;)

boop2, Apr 12, 10:42pm
It is so good to get all this help really appreciate it

gyrogearloose, Apr 13, 7:05am
Don't overlook that the USB stick must be formatted as FAT32 rather than NTFS to work with a TV. You must format large USB sticks with FAT32FORMAT or another 3rd-party format utility rather than Windows. FAT32 will restrict the maximum size of each file to 4GB-1, so if it's a long DVD, dual-layer or Blu-ray then you'll need to apply some compression or break the content into sections.

What exactly are you not having luck with?

neoslowmo, Apr 13, 10:15am
What I use.

boop2, Apr 14, 9:24pm
I done it with this one it worked just as you said. Thanks

wayne416, Feb 18, 1:58pm
That's good. its a very simple tool, gets the job done with little fuss. You can also burn the files using CDburnerXP, shrinking with DVD Shrink first if needed to create another DVD.

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