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rpvr, Feb 17, 8:29pm
I've been using the Eudora email program for years, even though it is now virtually obsolete, because I have yet to find another one which is as versatile. My partner also uses it , and has problems sending/receiving photos because of the attachment size. My question is, is failure to send and receive large attachments a feature of the email program, or our ISP? Are there limitations to attachment size with web based email programs such as gmail? And can web based programs be operated from a separate email client rather than from the browser?

king1, Feb 17, 8:38pm
its an isp limitation, some are 5mb , 10mb . Gmail i believe is 50mb and yes you can pop/imap gmail

r.g.nixon, Feb 17, 8:46pm
Check on youtube for a nice overview of it.

wayne416, Feb 17, 9:26pm about the best. Most isps have a 20mb limit on size. I use GMX who have a 50mb limit and very reliable.

rpvr, Feb 18, 8:35pm
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll work my way through them. Have set up a gmail account and have problems, can send small photos but baulks at anything over about 1.5Mb (uploading error).

r.g.nixon, Jul 29, 11:16am
That's odd. I think the gmail limit is 100MB.

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