How far should flash drives be stored.

dbb, Apr 20, 8:11am
from electronic things that could damage their files? I imagine that includes TV sets, amplifiers, computers, printers, telephones. Any more?

Back in the days when cassette tapes became popular I knew a few people who found out the hard way not to store them on or next to a TV set, amplifier or telephone. But any instructions only ever said to store them "away" from such things, which can be stupidly useless without naming a minimum distance.

king1, Apr 20, 8:17am
only thing you need to worry about is an EMP Electromagnetic pulse

ross1970, Apr 20, 8:19am
The flash drive on my sat box is right on top of an amp and right beside a big Wharfedale speaker.
The ssd drive in this pc is right beside those really strong little magnets in the hard drive beside it.
The sd card in my phone regularly sits on top of a working microwave etc.
No probs with anything.

suicidemonkey, Apr 20, 8:22am
Yeah don't worry about it.

drsr, Apr 20, 8:27am
They aren't really vulnerable to normal-strength magnetic fields from devices like the above. They are potentially vulnerable to static electricity damage, which usually comes from people handling them after building up a static charge. Keeping the little cap on the end of the drive will help with that.

king1, Apr 20, 8:27am
This was because they use magnetism to record the information on the tape and the magnets in speakers in various devices messed with them.
Flash drives are digital and don't suffer the same problems

r.g.nixon, Apr 20, 8:56am

dbb, Apr 20, 9:01am
Thanks guys. Yes, I was thinking magnetic. Old ways and habits die hard in we ancients.

wayne416, Apr 20, 9:07am
I would back it up to hard drive or DVD. Magnetism won't halm it but I wouldn't trust one with anything important, can pack up any time.

suicidemonkey, Apr 20, 9:51am
Yeah flash drives aren't overly reliable - don't use them as a primary backup.

tintop, Apr 20, 9:53am
This !

cafc2012, Apr 21, 3:06am
Back it up on your jazz drive

ianab, Jan 25, 3:11am
Don't use just ONE as your ONLY backup.
They are cheap, so buy a handful, and back up to them in sequence.
Yes one could randomly fail, but if you have 4 others with different days backups on them you are still OK.

Same can be said for any other backup media really.

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