Media player which is

the best one to down load to play more music- videos,windows player has to many codec etc issues

geek_steveonemo, Apr 6, 6:54 pm

VLC Player

geek_cube_guy, Apr 6, 7:21 pm

PotPlayer or VLC, both are equally good.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 6, 8:11 pm

If you use DLNA on your home network use Servio as the media server. Then connect your DLNA players to the server.

geek_lunar2, Apr 7, 7:12 pm

Vlc is clunky. get a decent player use kodi ( used to be called xbmc) no codec issues and you can customise EVERYTHING.

geek_fordcrzy, Apr 12, 9:36 pm

geek_fordcrzy, Apr 12, 9:38 pm

not really the same thing.

geek_king1, Apr 12, 9:59 pm

Winamp is still very popular, small, fast, I've used it for years, looked at a few others but come back to winamp.

geek_cookee_nz, Apr 13, 7:32 am

vlc and winamp are just so 1997. seriously they need to work on thier windows XP era user interface look.

geek_fordcrzy, Apr 14, 4:56 pm

l second potplayer. Plays almost anything and has graphic equalizer

geek_kiwihonky, Feb 21, 8:59 am

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