Home security camera

ajlaz, Mar 22, 6:47pm
I'm needing some tips or recommendations for and home security camera.
I want something that has the following
Day and night vision
Motion defector so it only records when I sensors movement
Good quality images
Can be viewed from my smartphone
Good amount of storage
Will be mounted inside
Can cover about 180degrees

Any help is much appreciated

ryanm2, Mar 22, 7:29pm
start here and finds what suits your needs. The ones that send you a text alert when motion is detected are also handy. Also you can set up drive way sensors (like a shop door) so when people simply come up your drive the alert goes off.

camper18, Mar 22, 7:53pm
Have a look at Dick Smiths, we got a Safari outdoor camera that does all that you are wanting but I'm sure they also had one for indoors. Brand is SWAN.

cleggyboy, Mar 22, 7:59pm
Jaycar Electronics or PB Technologies have a good selection.
Both have web sites and branches all over.

ctnz, Apr 27, 3:21pm
mines just set up with a camera bought on the net, an old PC and free software http://listoffreeware.com/list-of-best-free-cctv-security-surveillance-software/ it is very DIY but works well

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