Wordpress Theme People Please

Hi, I'm looking for an "idiot friendly" [ie, me] free theme, that is fully "front-end" customizable, ie, I don't know any complex coding or CSS - something I can "click and change" banners, images, footer etc. [initally for Amazon affiliate site, might use other platforms in due course]. Thank you to anyone who can please point me in the right directon.

geek_mmmail, Feb 14, 6:34 pm

wordpress 2015 theme which is built in. The themes are cheap, and you get updates for at least a year with most.

geek_mattnzw, Feb 14, 6:36 pm

weaver 11 fully customisable and works well for amazon sites you can build a complete amazon site with products and your id included.
I cant show you an example without posting my domain but here is the download link .
There are tutorials on youtube

geek_newbie5, Feb 15, 4:46 pm

Thanks to both repliers - appreciate the advice!

geek_mmmail, Aug 2, 11:22 pm

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