Monitor goes to sleep.

My wife has box computer (HP clone) keyboard mouse and Dell monitor.
Boot computer up and no picture.
If I turn the monitor power button off and then on again the desktop shows for a few seconds and the monitor goes to sleep.
Turn of monitor and on again I quickly type in login details, monitor sleeps, I repeat and press enter, repeat and see the active desktop for a few seconds and then I have to turn monitor power off and on again which gives me a couple of seconds to move the mouse to where I want it .
In the end I give up as I don't really know how to do what I want to do anyway.

It could be the monitor or some PC setting but I am not at home and couldn't see Trademe answers anyway.
So possible solutions to try with monitor and with PC when I get home later?
We have a problem also with broadband but I can't get Vodafone to sort out settings etc if we cannot see the screen so first things first .
Don't have a spare monitor lying around.

geek_vixian1, Jul 8, 7:19 am

Plenty of monitors in Auckland selling for below $5, if you want to try another one.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 8, 7:45 am

Second hand $5 monitor with postage and delivery delay that may not resolve the problem . nobody else have any suggestions? Only anatomically possible ones of a rude nature will be entertained :-)
No animals or fruit to be harmed .

geek_vixian1, Jul 8, 8:35 am

Yeah and I don't have a speech impediment and have a girlfriend called Monica.
I've tried changing cables and holding mouth open just so . the picture is crisp and clear but goes to sleep and then I turn monitor power button off and then on and I see the desktop and then gone again.
Life is ephemeral .

geek_vixian1, Jul 8, 8:37 am

its a process of elimination - you need to try another monitor. Beg, borrow, steal.

geek_king1, Jul 8, 8:43 am

Try using your TV as a monitor.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 8, 8:52 am

Just thinking ahead as I have no internet access at home currently . another issue entirely (thanks Vodafone) but if another monitor works then it is the monitor . if the other monitor goes to sleep then what is the possible issue given there is a picture but monitor sleeps . is it a snooze setting somewhere? Painful to turn monitor off and on to see for a second to place mouse cursor . off then on . press the right button to launch setting or control panel . off on .

geek_vixian1, Jul 8, 9:21 am

Sounds like the monitor to me but you could try booting in safe mode, using the F8 method if it works would point to software failure.

geek_mcdaff, Jul 8, 9:41 am

My monitor did that when it wasn't plugged in properly, it had no signal and went to sleep immediately. Could it be the cable maybe?

geek_piperguy, Jul 8, 9:49 am

An evening crawling among the dust monkeys plugging and unplugging . so much is still so low tech . when will everything be entirely wireless and telepathic .
I used Google's voice recognition function to search for the Odyssey and it never got anywhere near it . I did my best Californian and then Boston accents to no avail . when I said "Greek Tragedy" it came up with the appropriate links . but nothing to do with the Greek debt crisis

geek_vixian1, Jul 8, 10:26 am

Snuck a work monitor home plus new cables and hey presto whaddayaknow problem fixed .
Thanks to all who took the time and care to respond and advise . love your work

geek_vixian1, Jun 11, 8:53 pm

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