IPad reboot

can anyone tell me how to do this? The sound has gone on my audible ap and on Facebook, and I thought that a reboot may help, having tried everything else I can think of, including switching off ans on again.

geek_cynder, Jun 10, 8:36 pm

Hold,the button on the front ofmthe ipad,down at the same time as the on off,switch at the side. Wait till its turned off then restart it.

geek_oldbnz, Jun 10, 8:48 pm

Type "iPad reboot" into Google for an instant response.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 10, 8:48 pm

Ma ny thanks.

geek_cynder, Jun 10, 9:04 pm

Ah well. I tried all that, and still no sound. It's never been the same since I installed a systems update.

geek_cynder, Jun 11, 5:37 pm

Reset it to factory settings

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 29, 4:10 pm

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