Using iphones GPS, does it use/need the internet?

Normally I have hired a GPS with a rental, but was wondering if my phone would do the same job while in Australia.

geek_anna70k, Jul 5, 9:43 am

Android apps like Here Navigation work without data or internet so must be an offline app for iphones. If not borrow or buy a cheap android.

geek_wayne416, Jul 5, 10:02 am

It does not require internet once the maps are loaded, I use mine in areas without coverage all the time.
I don't think the standard Apple maps would work well if you travelled bigger distances and it had to load new maps, but I'm sure there is something else out there that keeps a larger area stored on your phone for off line use.

geek_brapbrap8, Jul 5, 10:07 am

In NZ, 3g and 4 G allow google maps to work. Supposedly should for Vodafone iPhones in, allegedly, 38 countries. Never found it to be the case.

However, I used Maps.Me - which are free and downloaded when you have wifi access. Used them in Europe and Central Asia recently. However, no spoken directions and guide requires some thinking. But better than nothing. We now take our Tomtom when travelling with the intention of driving. Means buying the relevant map before you go, of course. Invaluable in France and I use it whenever I go to Australia.

geek_footplate1, Jul 5, 10:29 am

You will get a faster GPS lock with 3G on because it uses the cell towers to get a rough position initially.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 5, 11:05 am

Co pilot live, NZ and AUS maps and POI if you want to operate with data off, from memory $35 in App store, Nokia Here, free, if you have some broadband access as you need to download before you go to different area.

geek_remmers, Jul 5, 11:09 am

Thanks for that. I find the voice prompts when using the hired GPS really helpful when visiting Australia, but it cost over $100 just to hire it for a couple of weeks. I might have to look into buying one and the maps by the look of it. My iphone works well in NZ for directions but at Brisbane Airport it wasnt much help. so I went back and hired the GPS:(

geek_anna70k, Jul 5, 11:10 am

Thanks for the other suggestions. I will have a look at them as well.

geek_anna70k, Jul 5, 11:13 am

If you buy an android phone it will be less that $100 and the HERE app is free along with the maps, just download the ones you want then you have a system that should work anywhere. First cost last cost. Just make sure phone has reasonable storage and GPS. Australian maps are about 800Mbs in size. HERE also does voice so should be a total solution for you. If you know someone with android ask if they will install HERE on it and try it first.

geek_wayne416, Jul 5, 11:52 am

OP has iPhone so why would they want to buy an android phone as Nokia Here is available on either platform.
What is useful is a bracket for phone to attach to windscreen.

geek_remmers, Jul 5, 12:15 pm

Nothing sinister recommending android, simply didn't know it is available for iphone.

geek_wayne416, Jul 5, 12:37 pm

Thanks for everyones help. The suggestions are great, and will help others as well I'm sure:)

geek_anna70k, Jul 5, 3:06 pm

The 1st time I went to Aussie, we hired one with the car (Cost extra $5 per day), so for the next trip I bought a GPS from TM ( ) that has both NZ and Aussie Maps. Lifetime update about twice per year. Took that to Aussie (W.A.) with me and It worked a treat. Went all over WA and it made life really easy. And, of course I have the benefit of using it in NZ as well. One big advantage they have over some apps on phones is the Speed limit is displayed and 3D lane information.

geek_d.snell, Jul 5, 5:04 pm

navmii for the iphone is free. NZ and australian maps. Not as good as tomtom etc but pretty damn close. I have used it in several countries no probs. Just download the country map you need before you go, then no data charges to use at all.

geek_brycer, Jul 5, 5:30 pm

I have a cheapo Garmin GPS and have downloaded maps for USA, Europe and Thailand from torrent sites. Have the nz and Australian, of course. the
Also got a smartphone if needed.

geek_fishb8, Jun 19, 4:07 pm

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