Can't delete folder/files - Windows 8

socram, May 5, 8:37am
Did a data back up from the PC to a 1Tb external hard drive - which I have done many times before without problems. Copied a folder to a second back up drive and need to delete from the first back up drive, but getting nowhere via the Laptop.

Haven't tried via the PC, but I usually take a back up drive with me when travelling, to access some files if required.

Although trying via Google to resolve it, taking ownership etc, and fluffing around via the properties and security tabs, partially succeeded, but I need to delete this folder and get this message (see pic). Quite who or what this means I really can't fathom, but obviously computer generated:

I have administrator rights and have emptied the recycle folder. Driving me nuts. Any simple suggestions?

king1, May 5, 8:43am
You normally need to take ownership of the entire folder AND add user group 'everyone' and give the everyone group read/write/delete permission.

king1, May 5, 8:46am
Looks like you have copied the files from a password protected user profile to the external, and are then trying to access on a different PC.

when copying to an NTFS drive external or otherwise, the existing permissions are copied with it.

socram, May 5, 8:46am
Re #2
Did that - as far as I could tell. No luck. PC is single use and not password protected.

king1, May 5, 8:47am
if this is a regular occurrence you might want to look at something like Btsync to sync files between devices

socram, Dec 16, 9:02pm
First time it has happened. Earlier files and folders on that drive copied from the same PC are fine.

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