IMac or PC

Current vintage 2008 Mac needs replacing. Dk whether to go with new mac or PC. Very subjective I know but what advice and suggestions re deciding. The Mac ha been great and has been pretty much faultless.

geek_lindanz, Aug 8, 2:09 pm

imo: Unless you are highly price sensitive, stick with what you know, especially since it has a track record of working for you. The old 'don't fix what is not broken'.
For me personally Windows is a like a dunk in cold water. Every time I have to use it after OS X all my quibbles with OS X vanish.

geek_-mung-, Aug 8, 2:24 pm

I agree.

You do have to be careful choosing your new iMac though, avoid the basic model (the 1.4 GHz one) and anything without an SSD or fusion drive

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 8, 2:46 pm

New Macs are amazing.
Beautiful screen, sound, wifi printing.
Sykpin and a appin and a cappin.

geek_nzdoug, Aug 8, 2:56 pm

I'd go PC every time, but then I've not used a Mac since the early 90's. If you are happy with the macs and they do what you want, I don't see any reason to change from them. Apart from saving a few dollars, the only real reason to switch would be if you wanted to build your own machine from the ground up.

geek_cafc2012, Aug 8, 3:00 pm

Its a no brainer IMHO if your already using Mac and more than happy with it.

I agree on the feeling going from Mac to windows, everytime I jump on a PC it feels like Ive gone back in time

geek_jon9, Aug 8, 3:17 pm

Check out the retina iMac (but not the very base model). It's like upgrading all over again.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 9, 11:10 am

I think you have already answered your own question. Never had a problem with any of my macs, yet kids windoze machines. always issues. Stick with apple imho

geek_brycer, Aug 9, 11:22 am

Go with what you prefer. I stick to PCs because you get a lot more freedom of options and customisation on how your computer operates as far as the OS is concerned (I'm going to ignore windows 8 here which was an absolute flop and should have never existed). Also larger selection of software, higher grade components for same price etc. I do understand why some people would prefer to have all the choices and decisions done for them, and thus prefer going with the Mac. So end of the day, personal preference.

geek_volkier, Aug 9, 11:25 am

Stick with the Mac. I made the move from PC to Mac after windows 8 and haven't looked back. Will never go back to windows as I find that everything just works on the mac all of the time.

geek_ducatiss, Aug 9, 9:17 pm

I also recently made the move from PC to iMac and have found it to be trouble free and not too much of a learning curve for me. Still have a laptop with Windows but it has been neglected. The iMac I have is a Retina 5K with 3 Tb fusion drive and i7. You can upgrade the Ram yourself if you are doing intensive video editing etc but haven't found it is needed yet. It replaced a 2003 Win XP PC which was custom built and gave very good service. I have an iPad and iPhone and when the PC needed replacing thought I would give the iMac a go and very glad I did.

geek_mcdaff, Aug 9, 11:58 pm

You don't say why your iMac needs to be replaced. Just a thought - I recently upgraded the RAM on my 2008 iMac because it was getting too slow and it now runs perfectly.

geek_davidt4, Aug 10, 1:49 pm

You could upgrade the ram and stick in an SSD? Cheaper, and massive lease of life.

Also, when was the last time you "formatted"? My 2010 macbook was gumming up, a complete clean did wonders.

geek_twelve12, Aug 10, 3:22 pm

I agree with the above two posts that upgrading may be worth looking into. A Core 2 Duo should still be fine for basic use. The only thing that may be a problem depending on your exact model is video hardware.

geek_schizoid, Aug 10, 3:34 pm

Maybe hold off purchasing a new iMac as they are rumored to be releasing new models in September or so. The current models haven't really been updated since late 2013.

geek_wheelmann, Aug 10, 10:40 pm

Macs suck for gaming

But Windows is quickly going straight to Hell.

I've got Ubutnu waiting for me but probably going to save up for a Mac and focus more on my illustration hobby and just accept that PC gaming will never be the same.

geek_harrymay, Aug 11, 6:18 am

I have a Surface Pro 3 and i love it. Not quite desktop, but a great machine!

geek_tonyt_nz, Aug 12, 6:17 pm

SWMBO has one (i5) used as a desktop most of the time plugged in to an external monitor keyboard etc, as a laptop sometimes, and a tablet rarely. Fits in her handbag to take home from work. With win10 auto switching from tablet to desktop mode, the last gripe I have about it from when I've used it is gone. They are indeed very good.

geek_mm12345, Aug 12, 6:45 pm

10%off on Macs at Harvey Normans so clearing stock.
New stuff Sept !

geek_nzdoug, Aug 12, 8:18 pm

I am complete opposite, I use a Mac at work all day and look forward to coming home to my PC, its a breath of fresh air, like I am in control again or something.

I don't know if it's because I 'have' to use it for work or what, I can't really pinpoint one issue, just a lot of small things I guess.

geek__drdee_, Aug 12, 8:37 pm

Be ready for having to spend days reading forums and trying different drivers to get devices working 100% for things like wacom tablets (I guess it would be worse for other brands of gear). Last time I tried with v14 it was a pain in the butt trying to get all functions of all the peripherals to actually work fully, you would get 90-99% functionality but there would always be something that annoyed me.

So I would 100% recommend Ubuntu unless you wanted to plug in devices that are not a basic keyboard and mouse.

geek__drdee_, Feb 25, 10:08 am

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