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Can anybody help me on this one please. I have a picture which has a single item in it. I need to photoshop this picture so that I have 2 of these items in the picture. Presume I need to outline the item, somehow copy it and then drag and drop the image to the new location. I obviously need the image of the original item to stay put. Can somebody advise how I do this. Thanks

geek_donalstuart, Jul 6, 10:17 am

You need to create a path around it (paths palette) or isolate it with a mask or with the magic wand. Hard to advise not seeing the image. Then obviously copy it (the isolated item) to the clipboard.
Create a new layer (Layers palette) and paste the copied item. When you are happy with the manipulating (positioning) then flatten the image (layers palette).
This is how I do it with more complicated images, but depending on your image someone may suggest a different way.
There would probably be a Youtube video showing how. Good luck.

geek_cjohnw, Jul 6, 10:38 am

If the image is like many of the other images you have for your listings, ie, a uniform, single colour background, then just create a new blank page with the same colour background as the image you want to copy. Next, crop the background from the image as close to the item's borders as you can, then copy the cropped image, paste it onto the new blank background, position it, then paste another copy onto the new background, and position it too.

Finally, save the newly created image.

geek_-bookzone-, Jul 6, 11:23 am

Here's what I mean, using one of your own listings:

geek_-bookzone-, Jun 18, 3:27 am

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