Registering a Website Address - With Who?

carter441, Feb 10, 8:54am
I am a new business and am wanting to register a website address. I believe this is called a domain name! There are a lot of suppliers! Any suggestions for a good option for a small business please (where I won't get tied up into a whole lot of trouble!).

lythande1, Feb 10, 6:48pm
Domains4less - part of the Webdrive group.

richardw13, Feb 11, 12:58am
Depends what you want to do with it, and what services you want bundled with it. Some of the cheap ones will charge extra for things like phone support. Some have all their support overseas, and are overseas companies. Others may not provide any DNS, and that is an added extra. With many things, the cheapest is often not the best in terms of support.

carter441, Aug 26, 10:56am
Thank you.

First I need to register the website address and then I will be wanting a provider for a basic website with the functionality of online sales and an e-mail address.

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