Best Laptop to Purchase

russpen, Mar 17, 3:37am
The old Campaq Laptop is too slow and freezes all the time, its 9 yrs old, going to buy a new one, advice from those in the know on best and latest on the market right now would be helpful, do not want to spend more than $1400.

draven111, Mar 17, 3:44am
wow a Compaq lasted that long!?!?

they say Toshiba is the best all over (not including Apple) but I'm not techy enough to help otherwise.
There are so many out there, good luck!

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 3:45am
Depends entirely on your requirements.

Laptops are all about compromises so you need to decide what is important to you.

ceebee2, Mar 17, 4:15am
The most reliable laptops I have sold are ASUS and second would be Toshiba.

suicidemonkey, Mar 17, 4:17am
I second Asus and Toshiba, except for the low-end models. Anything over $1000 or so are usually pretty decent.

nzoomed, Mar 17, 4:24am
ASUS is good but personally i have found Toshiba's quality has slipped in recent years. HP business line is good such as their probooks and elitebooks.

dolphin19, Mar 19, 6:19am
I've had 2 Toshiba Laptops and they have been great.

oclaf, Mar 19, 6:38am
I had to giggle at the implication that Apple is the "best all over".

As for "best laptop to purchase?" - It is entirely dependent on your requirements.
Do you need portability?
Do you need a big screen?
little screen?
Is battery life important?
What are your performance needs?
Do you need a full size keyboard?
What is your operating system preference?

It's like asking what is the best car to buy, with no further info.
No point recommending a 2 seater sports car if you have 6 kids and a dog.

Brandwise, I had a lot of loyalty to the Sony Vaio line but they are now discontinued. My second would be Asus.

velenski, May 5, 4:57pm
90% of laptops i sell are toshiba. must be a reason ;)

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