Warning for windows 10

Shouldn't have happened, i updated to win 10 the other day and being a kiwi had to experiment with it and rather than undo it i just reset it and all OK.

geek_wayne416, Aug 9, 11:51 pm

I second that warning. Its not guaranteed smooth sailing if you choose to upgrade, speaking from experience. But I'm sure plenty of people have done without issues too. Just be careful.

geek_lucky.gadgets, Aug 10, 2:59 am

Have been waiting for feedback before installing Windows 10. I believe it's very data hungry also. Think I will wait a little longer.

geek_wenpen, Aug 10, 7:37 am

On lap top
windows 10 opens showing 90 days trail expired
cannot open anything,no starting no wifi,not alone a check on google shoes same problem else where.
Looks like a job for a tech.

geek_fineo, Aug 10, 8:47 am

it was done the same as the other 2 in the house,just by clicking on the link that was in the bottom right hand corner. Same place I got notification to reserve it.
Other 2 work perfect

geek_fineo, Aug 10, 8:56 am

It appears to be a anomaly that strikes the occasional down load.
Thats life

geek_fineo, Aug 10, 9:14 am

There is a problem with Win10 in that if you do a reset, you can end up with a no_accessible_device error. They say to put a "startup disk" in the drive, but this will come up as "wrong version" so you're basically buggered and need to do a fresh install, which again can be tricky because matching serials numbers isn't that straightforward on an upgrade.

geek_d.snell, Aug 10, 12:39 pm

Was the upgraded o/s (i.e. the win7/8/8.1) a legitimate copy that was supplied with the machine from new, or has it been change at some stage?

geek_d.snell, Aug 10, 12:42 pm

yep, the first thing I did when I installed Win10 was to do a Drive Image as ISO's are tricky as it won't authenticate without a valid serial number and upgrades of OEM's use a Generic one that won't pass as a fresh install at later time.

geek_d.snell, Aug 10, 2:07 pm

Yes it's the same one it came loaded with from new.
All updates were done prior to trying to update to windows 10.

geek_fineo, Mar 5, 3:26 am

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