Future proofing cable install

What cable/s do I put in the ground for new home?, fiber isn't available "until after 2016" Is a 1km run. probably need copper for now I assume? but what can I do to save digging another 1km trench when fibre is available?

geek_timbo69, Jul 29, 8:54 pm

i assume you are on a farm or rural property with a very long driveway?

geek_exwesty, Jul 29, 9:36 pm

Empty conduit in the ground with a draw wire or two

geek_pandai, Jul 29, 9:47 pm

You need to talk to Chorus, they have specific requirements and won't pull a cable through any old duct or pipe.

In the old days cable could be trenched or mole ploughed in directly sometimes alkathene or water pipe was used and even garden hose as a duct for the service leads.
If you are doing a long run and there's bends etc then you will need to install access pits as well along the way to reduce the length of each section that is blown or pulled.
The alternative is aerial fibre on a pole line.

Chat to Chorus and see what the options are but it won't be cheap.

geek_exwesty, Jul 29, 10:01 pm

Just a note, when I tried to "chat" to Chorus about a similar topic they just told me to contact my service provider. Very unhelpful crowd. They are very dificult to deal with directly, they what everything do come to them via Spark or other service providers.

geek_oclaf, Jul 30, 10:13 am

Correct, currently one property but adding two title so will be three propertys - want to replace line to old home as well.

geek_timbo69, Jul 30, 6:48 pm

Are you saying put a copper in for now and a conduit in for later? can they draw fibre 1km?

geek_timbo69, Jul 30, 6:49 pm

15m for free. 1km may cost you a few thousand dollars, or more.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 19, 10:11 pm

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