Windows folder labels start with $

kiwikidd77, Apr 26, 2:19am
I'm working on sorting a friend's computer that was infected by a crypto virus and note that there's a number of folders now with labels like C:\$windows which have multiple subfolders.

also there are many entries in various folders with files labeled help_decrypt with extentsions like html and png. Can I simply delete these folders and files or is there a specific way to get rid of this problem? I have bit defender and malwarebytes antimalware installed.

I'm using ztreewin to look at folders and files.

Thanks in advance for any input and suggestions.

pheonix, Apr 26, 2:38am
Has it been detected as Cryptowall or cryptolocker.?
Has a good explanation here . If it is the true encrypted version . send a file here .

kiwikidd77, Jan 14, 2:24pm
Thanks Pheonix

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