Quota exceeded (mailbox for user.

benden, Mar 27, 9:41pm
From time to time I get the message below and the intended recipient does not know how to rectify. Anyone able to help?

"Your message to was automatically rejected:
Quota exceeded (mailbox for user is full)"

r.g.nixon, Mar 27, 9:49pm
The recipient will need to remove emails from their inbox (download them or delete them).

mrfxit, Mar 27, 10:06pm
As above.
They have a limited amount of space in their webmail email box & NEED to clear some of the old junk to make room for incoming emails

benden, Mar 27, 10:13pm
Thanks. Recipient has 11 emails in Inbox.

Has a number of folders containing a number of emails. Is it necessary to empty the folders?

r.g.nixon, Mar 28, 12:12am
All folders, including Inbox, count towards the total storage.

mattnzw, Mar 28, 12:24am
they need to contact their email provider. I will include emails in sent, spam, and deleted folders.

mrfxit, Mar 28, 12:44am
Tell them to go to their "folders" tab
Look under there for how much space each folder is using & at the bottom will be the total space used.

lythande1, Mar 28, 1:31am
Delete the millions of old emails they have cluttering the servers inbox.
It's the cyber equivalent of hoarding.

mattnzw, Apr 14, 11:23pm
These days with gmail, people have got lazy and never delete their emails.

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